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Balancing Act: Just-in-Time (JIT) Procurement Practices and Excess Inventory Challenges the Electronics Components Industry in 2024

Manufacturers and OEMs increasingly practice just-in-time (JIT) procurement practices to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. JIT procurement aims to synchronize the supply of components with the actual demand.  This complicated balancing act ensures optimized inventory levels and minimizes costly excess. ...

By Admin on Jan. 11, 2024


How Electronic Component Distributors Level Up Channel Marketing

Ready to take your Channel Marketing strategy to the next level? Mectronic explores how leading Electronic Component Distributors thrive.

By Admin on Dec. 18, 2023


Understanding Distributor Tiers: How Distribution Channels Power The Electronic Component Industry

Discover distributor tiers in the electronic component industry, their collaboration, and how they combat counterfeits.

By Admin on Aug. 28, 2023


Why Successful Manufacturers and OEMS Maintain Strong Distribution Channel Marketing Strategies

Manufacturers and OEMs need well-developed distribution channels as part of a diversified Channel Marketing Strategy.

By Admin on Jul. 21, 2023

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