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Crydom Corp - HD60125-10


Solid State Relays - Industrial Mount PM IP00 SSR, 660VA C/125A, DC In, RN
Input Current2mA
Input TypeDC
Input Voltage32V
Isolation Voltage4kV
Operating Temp Range-40C to 80C
Operating Temperature ClassificationCommercial
Output Current125A
Output DeviceSCR
Output TypeAC
Output Voltage (Max)660V
Pin Count4
Rad HardenedNo

Part No.ManfDist/SellerInv DateQtySingle PriceBUYRFQ
Authorized DistributorsHD60125-10CrydomMaster Electronics 09-17-201920n/a-RFQ0
Authorized DistributorsHD60125-10CRYDOM INCSager Electronics 09-18-20190$96.79-RFQ0
Authorized DistributorsHD60125-10CRYDOMPeerless Electronics Inc 08-06-20190n/a-RFQ0
Authorized 09-17-201920n/a BUYRFQ0
Authorized DistributorsHD60125-10CrydomTTI Inc Global Headquarters 09-18-20190$100.41 BUYRFQ0
Authorized DistributorsHD60125-10CrydomMouser Electronics 09-18-201915$122.6 BUYRFQ1
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