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AMETHERM MS22 75004 Datasheet & Stock

The MegaSurge MS22 series Inrush Current Limiter is an economical and space saving way to limit high inrush current. MegaSurge's rugged high temperature construction allows safe operation at high continuous currents. It is specially designed to withstand up to 50A of continuous current and 900J of input energy. The MegaSurge inrush current limiter absorbs high amounts of inrush current when electrical equipment is turned on by offering a high resistance to current and quickly decreasing in resistance once steady state current begins to flow through the thermistor. In a switching power supply, the instantaneous surge energy is caused by the large input filter capacitors and AC input voltage.

Provides a simple one-component alternative to using wire wound resistors with timers and relays

Simple design

Increases safety by eliminating the fire hazard associated with failed relays

UL recognized

Ability to withstand high steady-state currents to 8A and up to 240J of input energy


Motor Drive & Control,

Power Management,


Portable Devices,

RF Communications,


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MS22 75004
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Digi-Key ElectronicsMS22 7500483806-23-2024Unit price: $4.18
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NewarkMS22 750045906-24-2024Unit price: $4.3
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Specifications for AMETHERM MS22 75004

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy AMETHERM MS22 75004?

You can click on the BUY or RFQ button to purchase MS22 75004 from an authorized AMETHERM distributor.

How do I troubleshoot issues or seek technical support for part MS22 75004?

You can download the MS22 75004 datasheet or Visit the AMETHERM website for support.

Who is the manufacturer of MS22 75004?


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