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Amphenol RF 083-1SP-15RFX Datasheet & Stock

The 83-1SP-15RFX is a RF Connector, UHF series, UHF straight solder Plug with silver-plated brass contacts and solder contact termination. Body made up of brass with nickel-plated finish and PTFE insulator. The UHF coaxial connector is general purpose units developed for use in low frequency system of 300MHz. UHF connector is popularly used because of its ease of assembly. The UHF solderable screw-on termination feature requires no specialized crimping tools. This RF connector is designed for RG-213, RG-214, RG-225, RG-302, RG-393 and RG-8 cable.

Large-size threaded coupling is a rugged design

Standard polarity

Standard thread direction

500V Peak voltage rating

500 Mating cycles

-65 to 165°C Temperature range


RF Communications,

Communications & Networking,

Defence, Military & Aerospace

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Heilind Electronics083-1SP-15RFX200407-18-2024Unit price: $3.5376
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Newark083-1SP-15RFX60507-18-2024Unit price: $5.56
Authorized Distributors
Interstate Connecting Components083-1SP-15RFX60107-18-2024Unit price: $3.5376
Authorized Distributors
Powell Electronics083-1SP-15RFX506-18-2024Unit price: $2
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Specifications for Amphenol RF 083-1SP-15RFX

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Amphenol RF 083-1SP-15RFX?

You can click on the BUY or RFQ button to purchase 083-1SP-15RFX from an authorized Amphenol RF distributor.

How do I troubleshoot issues or seek technical support for part 083-1SP-15RFX?

You can download the 083-1SP-15RFX datasheet or Visit the Amphenol RF website for support.

Who is the manufacturer of 083-1SP-15RFX?

Amphenol RF

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