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BUY 106CKS50M; Radial Lead General Purpose Capacitor; Small Size, Low Cost; Capacitance: 10 uF; Dissipation Factor: 0.1 Max at 120 Hz and 20 deg C; Temperature Range: -40 deg C to +85 deg C; ESR: 16.579 Ohms Max at 20 deg C and 120 Hz; Tolerance: -20%, +20%; WVDC: 50 Volts DC; SVCD: 63 Volts DC; Ripple Current: 110 mA at 120 Hz and 85 deg C; Impedance Ratios: -25 deg C/20 deg C - 2; -40 deg C/20 deg C - 3; Load Life: 2000 hours at 85 deg C with 100% of rated voltage and with 100% of rated ripple current; Capacitance Change: less than or equal to 20% of initial measured value; Dissipation Factor: less than or equal to 200% of maximum specified value; Leakage Current: less than or equal to 100% of maximum specified value; Diameter: 5mm + 0.5mm; Length: 11mm + 1.5mm; Lead Spacing: 2mm +/- 0.5mm; Coating: Black PVC sleeving; Lead Wire Diameter: 0.5mm +/- 0.05 mm; Lead Length: 15mm +/- MIN mm; Lead Finish: Matte Tin; RoHS Compliant
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