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MICRO CRYSTAL RV-8564-C2 Datasheet & Stock

The RV-8564-C2 is a Real Time Clock (RTC) Module combines the 32.768kHz tuning fork crystal resonator with the CMOS based oscillator and RTC IC inside a miniature SMD ceramic package. This very small SMD ceramic package has been specially designed to combine the 32.768kHz crystal unit with the CMOS-based oscillator and real-time-clock circuit. The calendar function tracks year, month, date and day-of-the-week with built-in century and leap-year flags. The clock function tracks minute and second in 24-hour format. Programmable alarm setting and universal timer functions increase flexibility.

Automotive qualified, according to AEC-Q200 Rev. C

Xtal integrated solution

Miniature SMT ceramic package

Ultra low power consumption

Very tight frequency tolerance I²C bus interface (400kHz)

Programmable clock-output

Low aging

Time keeping mode down to 1.2V

Programmable alarm, timer and interrupt functions


Clock & Timing,


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy MICRO CRYSTAL RV-8564-C2?

You can click on the BUY or RFQ button to purchase RV-8564-C2 from an authorized MICRO CRYSTAL distributor.

How do I troubleshoot issues or seek technical support for part RV-8564-C2?

You can download the RV-8564-C2 datasheet or Visit the MICRO CRYSTAL website for support.

Who is the manufacturer of RV-8564-C2?


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