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Panasonic ECA-1HHG471 Datasheet & Stock

The Panasonic NHG series is automotive grade Type A, radial leaded polarized aluminium electrolytic capacitor. NHG series parts cover broad range of voltage ratings and capacitance values. Typical applications include audio, video and general purpose electronic circuits.

Capacitance value ranges 2.2µF to 22000µF for 6.3VDC to 100VDC

Capacitance value ranges 1µF to 330µF for 160VDC to 450VDC

Available in -55°C to 105°C and -25°C to 105°C temperature range based on rated voltage

Capacitance tolerance is ±20%

Endurance at 105°C from 1000h to 2000h

Low ESR and high ripple current

Automotive grade AEC-Q200 compliant

Market demand for this product has caused an extension in leadtimes. Delivery dates may fluctuate. Product exempt from discounts.

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SourcePart NoStockInv DateQty/Price USDBuy/RFQ
Master ElectronicsECA-1HHG4711305206-25-2024N/A
Authorized Distributors
Future Electronics CorporateECA-1HHG47160006-25-2024Unit price: $0.33
Authorized Distributors
NewarkECA-1HHG47138506-25-2024Unit price: $0.846
Authorized Distributors
Midan Electronics IncECA1HHG47120006-19-2024Unit price: $0.3125
Independent Distributors

Specifications for Panasonic ECA-1HHG471

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Panasonic ECA-1HHG471?

You can click on the BUY or RFQ button to purchase ECA-1HHG471 from an authorized Panasonic distributor.

How do I troubleshoot issues or seek technical support for part ECA-1HHG471?

You can download the ECA-1HHG471 datasheet or Visit the Panasonic website for support.

Who is the manufacturer of ECA-1HHG471?


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