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Crydom MCST2490AM Soft Start/Stop ? Auxiliary Modules ? Control Voltage: 5-32 VDC ? Load Current: 90 Amps ? Line Voltage: 180-280 VAC ? Input Current: 30 mA

The MCST, MCSP and MCSS series of controls is designed to provide adjustable surge reducing soft-start and soft-stop control for any load which would benefit from a gradual application or shutdown of power, and provide Crydom SSR switching within one package. The MCS Controls are available with either softstart, or soft-stop functions separately, or as a combined soft-start/soft-stop control. With adjustable ramp times from 100ms to 10 seconds in two ranges, these controls are ideal for reducing starting current surges in motors, in preventing saturation when switching transformers, or in reducing reverse EMF surges when de-energizing large inductive loads. Incorporating 4000 volt isolation from input to output, the MCS series allows real time adjustment of the ramp rates from a remote source using analog voltage or current control. Once the desired ramp rate is set using the analog input, a simple digital signal applied to the ON/OFF control input will operate the control. The MCS is also available with a built-in potentiometer for use where remote or continuous adjustment is not needed.
Soft-Start/Stop Controller and SSR in One Package
Microcontroller Based Technology
Adjustable Ramp Rates
Low Voltage, 4-20mA, or Potentiometer Control
LED Status Indicator

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